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I’m tired. You know the feeling? A nap isn’t going to do it. This is tired in your soul. The kind of tired that comes from managing dentist appointments, and speech evaluations, DFCS visits, and the pulmonologist. This is tired from the broken wrist and broken foster care system, from raising toddlers and teens, children forever and for now.

It’s the kind of tired that leaves you nauseated and disoriented, and all of the “shoulds” that have been driving your days get pushed aside by the feeling of overwhelm

And, that’s just the normal tired of motherhood. There’s another tired I suspect you feel, and that’s the tired that comes from trying to find room for you. 


You have your own dreams and goals. And, I suspect they are not actually for you, but for the betterment of your family, community and the world. Girl, that is not selfish. It’s not too much, and it’s too important not to acknowledge. 


But, you’re tired. I know.

And, I know that worse than tired is the feeling that there is something more and you’re too tired to pursue it. It’s not your family or you. It’s not their needs or yours. You get to have both. You need to have both. This is the caffeine in your cup.


Start with the dream. It may be a blog or a bootcamp, a mission trip or a marriage workshop, a play or Paris. It’s yours, and for that reason, it is worthy of your time and attention.

Tired weighs heavy on your soul in a place that cannot be remedied by rest. What you need is life, and love and passion. What you need is to give way to the dreams within your heart in order to bring energy and life back into your soul. 

Foundation To Fly

Schedules are chaotic, and our families have needs. And, there is life and light when we rest in the knowing that our greatest gifts are not one more thing, but the thing that awakens our soul. 

So, bring your notepad to the dentist, keep it next to your bed, and keep another in your purse. I’m doing the same. I’m dreaming, and planning, and pinning. And, I’d love if you joined me in the process.

Because, the one feeling that is worse than tired, is the feeling that your dreams have been put to rest.

We’re in it together,


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