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Creating connection through imperfection is our ultimate goal. Motherhood is messy, and magical, and better when we feel like we have a moment. Imagine what could happen when women in all stages of motherhood pause for two hours to deepen their connection with themselves and one another. Join us as we laugh, and learn and celebrate that we’re in it together. You’re sure to leave encouraged, feeling lighter, and with a renewed sense of purpose.

Janelle focuses on topics that go straight to your heart. With raw emotion, deep connection, and an innate ability to make you feel your immeasurable value, topics like parenting, relationships, goal setting, and honoring your story remind you of the beauty that lies within the mess. 

“I certainly left craving more. If you get the opportunity to participate in one of Janelle’s workshops I highly recommend it!! Be sure to bring your tissues!”

Danielle H.


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