Just Show Up

Exactly the way you are.

Showing up as your most authentic self is messy, and magical, and better with a “relentless encourager” to challenge your doubts and help you discover your own personal truths.

Imagine what could happen when you pause to really focus on the way you want to feel and show up for your family, career, and ultimately for yourself.

Coaching sessions empower you to challenge limiting beliefs as you take action steps toward the life you want to lead. If you’re tired of being tired, following the same patters, and ready to create meaningful and authentic change, it’s time.

Coaching Options

What is your next right step?

Coaching helps you live a life you want, that feels right for you, based on your specific goals. While therapy focuses on healing your past and can include the medical aspects of mental health, coaching is designed to move you forward based on action steps and goals.

Maybe the path you’re on feels like autopilot rather than intention. Maybe you have a dream that’s been dormant and it’s time to give it life. Maybe you’re wondering if you’re supporting your kids in a way that helps them to be their best. Maybe you just want to experience greater connection and joy.

Coaching with Janelle focuses on topics that go straight to your heart. With raw emotion, deep connection, and an innate ability to make you feel your immeasurable value, topics like parenting, relationships, goal setting, and honoring your unique gifts remind you of the beauty that lies within the mess.

Together is the way.

Thought Partner

30 Minute One Time Session


Gain insight and perspective on a quick decision, get outside of your mental loop and consider alternate options, or process a current situation over the phone or Zoom.

Ongoing Coaching

 50 minute Weekly Sessions


Work toward specific goals weekly over the phone or Zoom. You determine the goals you want to accomplish and the direction that feels right for you. As a coach, I’ve been described as a “relentless encourager” and “so safe that I can tell you things I don’t even want to admit to myself”. You are not broken, do not need to be fixed, and are powerful beyond measure. Let’s uncover it together. 

Mess of a Mom

Group Workshop

$40 pp

Gather a group of girlfriends in person or over Zoom to connect with yourself and one another as we normalize imperfection and the burdens we all carry. This workshop is designed for a minimum of 10 women to spend about 90 minutes honoring your story and the ways it’s not only made you who you are today, but the tools you’ve developed to move forward with confidence, grace, and a deeper appreciation for what you’re made of.

“I certainly left craving more. If you get the opportunity to work with Janelle I highly recommend it!! Be sure to bring your tissues!”

Danielle H.

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