When Armor Doesn’t Protect You

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The armor, the hard shell of protection from a world that feels too sharp, is not only keeping you tucked inside, but also keeping you from those who crave the soft place to surrender their armor that no longer feels like protection but weight.

What if the protection comes not from the hard, but from the soft and fleshy and real? Not everyone is safe, but you are. You know the people who are open and exposed and feel like a soft place to fall. They carry the same burdens, by different names, and are protected by the deep knowing that someone else understands and cares. This protection cannot be felt wearing armor.

Seek the imperfect, and messy people who are not content with what is on the surface. They are not interested in shiny armor that looks polished but feels heavy. They are ones who listen and remember the words you didn’t know you said. They are the ones who acknowledge your feelings as valid and allow you to process them in a space that feels open and soft.

Let’s lay down the armor of protection and build a community of support. It starts with us but is already waiting. It already exists. The hard shell isn’t protection, it’s keeping us from connection. It’s keeping us from one another.

Who comes to mind? Take a moment to make note of the people in your life who see you, in all of your strengths, and all of your imperfections, and tuck them away as your armor. They are the ones who will protect the space around you when you’re feeling exposed and vulnerable.

These are your people.

I am your people.

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