Empowering women, Mothers and girls to be confident, self-assured leaders who actively use their gifts for the betterment of the world.

About Janelle

Everyone needs that person in your life that will encourage your biggest dreams, show up on your doorstep with cookies and Kleenex, and speak truth over you or your daughter as a second line of support.

Janelle just gets it. She calls herself an “aspiring imperfectionist” because, after a lifetime of playing it safe, she realized it is impossible to live a life of big dreams and deep connection without risk and vulnerability. So, she traded unrealistic expectations and playing small for the mess and the magic of normalizing imperfection and building leaders not only in the community but in their own lives.  

Janelle uses her gifts as a teacher to write curriculum that inspires, connects, and deeply impacts each person where they are. As a mother to biological and foster children from toddlers to teens, she understands the developmental needs in each stage of life and uses her Master’s Degree in Creative Arts in Learning to help each person focus on the process rather than the product. 

Janelle has mentored hundreds of women and girls with her ability to lean into love and laughter as the universal language of understanding and growth. Janelle has an innate ability to understand emotion, a gift with words that people not only hear but feel, and is not afraid of the real and the raw that accompanies a life of meaning.

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About Foundation to fly

Foundation to Fly, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization empowering women and girls to understand their immeasurable value as leaders in their own life and in the community. 

Through experiential lessons rooted in emotional intelligence and the universal traits of leadership, programs, workshops, and coaching connect each participant to themselves, one another, and the community at large.

Join us as we explore self-esteem, problem-solving, relationships, team-building, and the undeniable claim, “I Matter!”.

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