Why My Middle Schooler Deserves an Award, And I Do, Too.

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I scroll social media and see proud parents attending awards ceremonies for their children. These aren’t the “everybody gets an award” events, but the invitation-only events. The ones where the students recognized are exceptional have a special night all their own.

And, they should.

And, it kind of sucks, too.

My kid didn’t get an award for middle school. But, he should have.

Not an academic award, or perfect attendance, or even for being an outstanding citizen. My kid needed an award for surviving. And, I’d like one too.

Middle school can be awful. Awful for them, and awful for us.


I know it was hard on you, Momma. You watched them study for hours and still feel defeated by their grades.

You had arms wide open through betrayal and rumors, and taking sides, and she just wanted to be alone.

You put him in a small group, encouraged friendships, and suggested activities, and he still felt disconnected.

You found a counselor, took them weekly and prayed for the full hour that it was helping.

You were afraid to leave them alone, to set too firm a boundary, to upset the delicate balance that is the middle school mind.
You watched it all unfold, and you made it.

You both did. We did.

Middle school years are hard. Hard like no one can ever describe, or remember, or prepare you for, and while we all go through it, we feel alone in it, too.

So, moms, I’m here to tell you, there is a whole stack of awards set aside especially for you.

You’re doing the best you can, you’re loving bigger than you knew how to do, and you’re not doing it alone.

We’re in it together,

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