Who We Are

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About Foundation to Fly
Foundation to Fly is a non-profit organization empowering girls of all ages, to be confident, self-assured leaders. Read More

Our Mission
Foundation to Fly, Inc. empowers girls to be confident, self-assured leaders with an understanding of their impact on the world around them. Read More

Why We Exist

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A girl’s self-esteem peaks at age 9 and is on a steady decline from there. Read More


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70% of girls ages 15-17 do not choose to participate in normal everyday activities due to a lack of self-worth.  Read More


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61% of girls admit to talking badly about themselves. Read More


Goals and Dreams
Roots and Wings exists to help girls claim, “I Matter!” Girls learn to clearly express their wants and needs, build healthy supportive relationships, understand and manage emotions, set short and long term goals, problem solve effectively, and experience how their decisions impact their life and the lives of others. Read More


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